"The Study of Faces"

    WNM instructor Hamilton Cline’s unique BART commuter portraits will be showcased in new book    


    Home to one of the most heavily trafficked public transportation systems in the country, San Francisco makes for an interesting commute, and Hamilton Cline captures it almost every day. On his way to work as an instructor for the School of Web Design & New Media (WNM) at Academy of Art University, Cline continues an artistic journey he’s been on for almost two years.  

    Every morning, Monday through Friday, he takes a seat on Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART), chooses a fellow commuter across the way and whips out his Samsung Note 3 to create a portrait illustration, adding to his archive that is now in the thousands. But for Cline, it’s about one thing and one thing only: Practice.

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    Chronicle Books Panel Discuss Value & Quality of Design


    A recent panel, featuring guests from Chronicle Books, visited the School of Graphic Design at Academy of Art University. Photo by Bob Toy.

    On Wednesday, March 7, the School of Graphic Design hosted a panel from San Francisco’s historic publishing house Chronicle Books at 79 New Montgomery for students to sit in, learn and get answers for a few burning questions. The panel consisted of Studio Manager Victoria Chao and designers Allison Weiner, Alice Seiler and Academy of Art University alumna Kayla Ferriera.

    The panel spent over an hour discussing the history of the company (it was founded in 1967 during the Summer of Love in San Francisco), what it’s like to work at Chronicle, details of the yearlong Fellowship Program and some choice pieces of advice for assembling a publishing industry ready portfolio.

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    Interview: 'Midnight Sun' Stars Bella Thorne and Patrick Schwarzenegger, Director Scott Speer Talk Unique Love Stories, Chemistry & Not Settling for What Life Hands You


    Patrick Schwarzenegger and Bella Thorne in Midnight Sun. Photo by Ed Araquel.

    In theaters this weekend comes a tale of summer love sweet enough to give you spring fever. Midnight Sun, helmed by director Scott Speer (Step Up Revolution), is the story of 17-year-old Katie Price (Bella Thorne, The DUFF, Famous in Love), a passionate songwriting, guitar-playing teenager living with Xeroderma pigmentosum, also often referred to as “XP.”

    According to Genetics Home Reference, XP “is an inherited condition characterized by an extreme sensitivity to ultraviolet (UV) rays from sunlight.” The disorder is rare and is estimated to affect one out of one million people in the U.S. and Europe.

    While Katie has an extremely rare form of this disease, the film focuses on her budding summer romance with Charlie (Patrick Schwarzenegger, Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse, The Long Road Home), a boy that unknowingly skateboarded by her bedroom window every day since they were young kids. Shot mostly at night in Vancouver, Midnight Sun takes audiences on a heartwarming adventure of first love and living life as you see fit, instead of letting circumstances dictate how you live.

    The stars and director of Midnight Sun were recently in San Francisco and Academy Art U News sat down with the trio (Thorne, Schwarzenegger and Speer) to learn more about their new film.

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    Film Review: 'Love, Simon'


    Nick Robinson stars as Simon in Twentieth Century Fox’s Love, Simon. Photo Credit: Ben Rothstein.

    The new coming-of-age film, Love, Simon, from 20th Century Fox adds something special to the teen comedy genre. Simon Spier (Nick Robinson), the movie’s likable main character, is gay, a secret he’s hiding from everyone around him.

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    'Cloud 9' Ready to Take Audiences on a Fun Journey Through Time

    Academy of Art University’s upcoming production of Cloud 9 will take audiences on a time-tripping romp that turns stereotypes about gender, feminism, sexuality and race upside down.  The two-act comedy by playwright Caryl Churchill begins in British Colonial Africa during the Victorian era, then jumps to a London park in 1979 for the second half (although only 25 years have passed for the characters).

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    Celebrating the Year of the Dog

    Academy students take to the parade route with their artistic creations


    A camera person from a local news team films the Academy’s Year of the Dog float as it passes through Union Square. Photo by Bob Toy.

    It may have been chillier than usual outside, but that didn’t stop Academy of Art University students and the additional hundreds of thousands of people from lining the streets for the 61st annual Southwest Airlines Chinese New Year Parade presented by the Chinese Chamber of Commerce to celebrate the Year of the Dog. 

    For months, students and instructors from the Schools of Fine Art – Sculpture, Illustration, Acting and Music Production & Sound Design for Visual Media worked to complete the Academy’s 18-foot float that wound its way through the Financial District, Union Square and Chinatown on Saturday, Feb. 24, as part of the two-and-a-half-hour parade. 

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