Seizing Opportunities

    MPT graduate Carl Nenzén Lovén’s passion, talent and attitude have landed him exciting opportunities in the film industry


    School of Motion Pictures & Television graduate Carl Nenzén Lovén. Photo courtesy of Carl Nenzén Lovén.

    At work, Carl Nenzén Lovén must be highly calculated, yet when he’s not behind the camera on set, Lovén is actually quite spontaneous.

    He recently moved to Los Angeles on a whim, for example. He spent a weekend down south a few weeks after walking the stage with the School of Motion Pictures & Television (MPT) graduating class of 2018 at Academy of Art University and returned to San Francisco with his mind set on a newfound change of scenery.

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    A Passion for Production

    Producer of many student projects in the School of Game Development, Victoria “Via” Pruitt’s communication skills help bring teams together

    Clan Helsing, Face, TeenTend, Tony DiTerlizzi’s Magic Mirror, Norman Rockwell VR Experience, Sugar Sleuths, Hazel: The Game, Foodiecats: The Game, A Thief’s Tale, Junho—these are but a few of the outstanding projects developed within the last few semesters by students in the School of Game Development at Academy of Art University. There is one student, however, who has her fingerprints on all of them: Victoria “Via” Pruitt. 

    For the listed projects, Pruitt acted as producer—the glue, the guru, the communicator and all-around calming problem-solver: “If something’s about to happen, I just reorganize things so I can say, ‘Okay, we’re going to be fine,’” she explained.

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    Winning Big in the Big Apple


    Advertising student Ian Blackley took home a Radio Mercury Award for his radio ad, I Am A Mouth. Photo courtesy of Ian Blackley.

    Ian Blackley only had 24 hours in New York City and his intent was to make the most of it. Or at least try to. 

    The Academy of Art University School of Advertising (ADV) B.F.A. student found himself in the Big Apple for the Radio Mercury Awards, a Radio Advertising Bureau event that recognizes excellence in radio advertising. Going into NYC, Blackley’s Tropicana radio spot, I Am A Mouth, was just a nominee for the Student Produced category; by the end of his trip, it walked out as the winner.

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    The Voice of a Neighborhood

    M.F.A. graduate’s AR app aims to connect Tenderloin residents with their local environment and act as an inspiration for young people


    Faranak Razavi (third from left) was awarded a $10,000 grant from Tech in the Tenderloin on Friday, June 29. Also pictured (L–R) is Farshid Ghods and Victoria “Via” Pruitt. Photo by Manasi Patel.

    Faranak Razavi’s TeenTend app started as a mere idea at the Tech in the Tenderloin (TNT) hackathon back in September of 2017, but now after being awarded a $10,000 grant from the non-profit organization, Razavi is one step closer to bringing her community app to reality. 

    “I was pretty much speechless because there were so many other great ideas presented at the hackathon,” Razavi said of being nominated for the grant. “The fact they believed in our idea and its potential outcome and how it can impact society means a lot as young developers.”

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    Challenging Ideas


    Adobe After Effects UX Designer and Academy of Art University School of Web Design & New Media alumnus Ramiz Sheikh. Photo by Bob Toy.

    Motion graphics user group SF Content Creators recently featured Academy of Art University alumnus and Adobe After Effects UX Designer Ramiz Sheikh for its monthly Meetup event at the Adobe headquarters.

    School of Web Design & New Media (WNM) Motion Graphics Lead Colin Sebestyen and Digital Anarchy CEO Jim Tierney run SF Content Creators as a forum for casual conversation, networking and discussion among motion graphic and production artists of all skill levels, with a specific emphasis on professional product breakdowns and speaker series.

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    Preparing for the Industry

    031318_36 copy

    ADV and ILL students teamed up as they worked on a collaborative project for Young & Hungry. Photo by Bob Toy.

    This past spring semester, students from Young & Hungry Creative Co-op (Y&H), Academy of Art University’s on-campus advertising agency, teamed up with the students from the School of Illustration (ILL) portfolio course for an interdepartmental collaborative project. Y&H Executive Creative Director and School of Advertising Associate Director of Art Direction & Industry Development James Wojtowicz and ILL instructor Steven Kloepfer masterminded the project. The collaboration pairs each of 18 student art directors with an illustrator to develop an advertisement for either the Sausalito Art Festival’s competition, the American Icon Art Contest or a mock advertisement for a fable or myth that will be printed in Y&H’s demobook, Stone Soup, which they have a month to complete.

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