Beyond the Graphite

    Students at a Glance: Tyler Eldridge


    Tyler Eldridge praying during Christian Student Fellowship. Photo by William Rivers.

    There are few students who have put so much time and effort into creating and leading activities here at Academy of Art University. Tyler Eldridge is a soon-to-be graduate from the School of Acting, who loves his school. Eldridge originally came out to San Francisco from Pennsylvania, searching for a place to learn and grow as an actor.

    When asked about his first visit to the Academy, Eldridge said, “It was all very ethereal to me, like I had been there before. Not like déjà vu, but like, ‘Man, this is really what I want to do.’”

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    Bantucentric: Malcolm X Day

    On May 19, 1925, a great leader was born. The late Malcolm X was an amazing man and is a major inspiration to me on a daily basis and through my interest in his life, came my cultural awakening. While there is no national holiday honoring the life of Malcolm X, I hope you all will come to appreciate his beliefs and his struggles on this day.

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    The Liberal Lyrics


    Without breath, lays the sheet revealing

    the colors of black and grey.

    A four legged figure poses.

    Its hemispherical tooties determine its district.


    Allowing one to express

    that who they are isn’t the best.

    One day you’ll see

    how everything that has happened or will happen is meant to be.

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    Bantucentric - Wasanii (The Artists): Willie Cole

    The sculpture and visual design artist sheds light on consumerism through household objects


    Willie Cole. Courtesy of Willie Cole.

    You are an artist. Despite what your strict teacher might make you think right now, you are an artist. You wouldn’t be here if you weren’t, and even though you may not be at the peak of your artistic abilities just yet, you still deserve the title. There are a lot of artists of all sorts out there, but when it comes to black people, I only tend to think of a few select types. For me, singers, dancers, stage performers, etc., are really the only names that come to mind. While it is true that we are simply very good at what we do, it is important not to forget that while lesser known, our people produce all forms of art all over the world.

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    Express Yourself: Page One Writing Contest


    First and second place winners from left to right: Jose Vivanco, Peshawn Bread, Kori Manning, Host Claudia Holm, Jared Rosmaran, Aimee Campbell and Li Yang. Photo by Bob Toy.

    The lights were dim, the microphone stand was perfectly placed, and you had that feeling that something magical was about to happen…and it did. Seventeen fantastic Academy of Art University students read their literary compositions to an audience of students and faculty in the Academy’s library at 180 New Montgomery on Friday, April 24. “Things are better when we can talk and express ourselves,” stated master of ceremonies and full-time faculty Claudia Holm. “It makes me feel a lot more human. That is what art is about.”

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    Gentlemen Wanted


    L–R: Jeevan Seepaul, Gael Muteba, Ole Sagli and Mike Vargas. Courtesy of Alleister Marlo Flores.

    On Sunday, April 12, the members of the Kappa Sigma fraternity could be seen up and down the streets of Sutter and Bush in bright orange jackets.

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