Blue Sky Studios Reps Stress Importance of Color Values and Advise Prospective Interns to Make Them Laugh


    Photo by Edgar Mojica.

    Flying high on the success of The Peanuts Movie, representatives from Blue Sky Studios came to Academy of Art University on Feb. 17 to share information on internship opportunities and what it’s like to work at their company. But what students found most interesting was a detailed presentation by Blue Sky color key artist Mike Lee on color and light. 

    “I’ve been experimenting with color on my personal projects, trying to get good at it, so I took some notes,” said Academy senior Angela Harris, a 3-D modeling major. “My favorite part was when he was stressing value, because that’s what I believe I was missing. I’m gonna go back and study value more.”

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    Visual Development Artist and Alumnus Nick Orsi Shares His Disney Experience

    Students were excited to learn the ins and outs of life as a character artist


    A packed theater at 79 New Montgomery for alumnus and visual development artist Nick Orsi (pictured center). Photo courtesy of Becky Johnson.

    Academy of Art University alumnus Nick Orsi shared his experience as a character artist for Walt Disney Animation Studios with a group of enthusiastic Academy students last month. Orsi graduated from the Academy with a degree in 2-D animation and continued on as an intern with Walt Disney Animation Studios in Southern California. He assisted on his first feature film, Zootopia, produced by Disney and directed by Byron Howard (Bolt, Tangled), Rich Moore (Wreck-It-Ralph, The Simpsons) and Jared Bush.

    Disney’s 55th animated film, written by Bush and Phil Johnston (Wreck-It-Ralph), follows Judy Hopp (Ginnifer Goodwin) who wants more than anything to be a police officer. However, in the utopic land, the traditional candidates for police officers are much larger animals. Judy ends up becoming a “meter maid,” instead of the glorious hero she wishes to be. While out on the job, she meets Nick Wilde (Jason Bateman) and together they must solve a seemingly controversial conspiracy. The land Zootopia in and of itself proclaims that anyone can be anything and Judy lives by this treasured ideal.

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    Pixar's Bill Cone Illuminates the Magic Power of Light


    (L–R) Nicolás Villarreal, Director of the School of Visual Development; Bill Cone, Production Designer at Pixar, and Chris Carman, Associate Director of the School of Visual Development. Photo by Bob Toy.

    Pixar production designer Bill Cone is a little obsessed with light and how it changes the way we see the world. On Nov. 10, a large crowd of Academy of Art University animation students gathered in Morgan Auditorium to listen to Cone discuss what he’s learned about light as a landscape painter, and how he applies that knowledge to his work in film.

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    Ethics and Leadership Panel Gives Architecture Students Plenty to Ponder


    (L–R) Mimi Sullivan, executive director of the School of Architecture; Mallory Scott Cusenbery, architecture faculty and guest speaker; Jeff Oberdorfer, guest speaker and Jennifer Asselstine, B.Arch director. Photo by Bob Toy.

    On Nov. 9, while rain drummed on the roof of the atrium at 601 Brannan Street, Academy of Art University architecture students listened to a compelling discussion about the importance of design and building practices that support social equity. School of Architecture Executive Director Mimi Sullivan moderated the event and introduced the presenters: guest speaker Jeff Oberdorfer—a housing, urban design and sustainability consultant—and School of Architecture instructor Mallory Scott Cusenbery, who is also a design principal at Ross Drulis Cusenbery.

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    Students Scope Out Sony PlayStation

    Approximately 100 Academy students gathered at 491 Post to hear about summer 2016 internship opportunities


    Students learned about summer internship opportunities at Sony PlayStation on Thursday, Oct. 8. Photo by Bob Toy.

    “I do this because I love the students and the energy,” Sony PlayStation University Recruiter Darchele Smith said. “I love meeting and connecting with students who could be potential interns.”

    On Thursday, Oct. 8, Smith and Leesa Dreo, senior recruiter at Sony PlayStation under Sony Computer Entertainment America, talked with approximately 100 current Academy of Art University students of various disciplines about possible paid summer internship opportunities. Smith shared that of the 82 PlayStation internships held by students last summer, four were from the Academy, making it the second largest school the company recruited from.

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    The Best of the Best

    Students, staff and industry representatives gather to explore eye-catching artwork and innovative designs at annual Spring Show


    School of Motion Pictures and Television M.F.A. student Marcello Pautasso provides a fun demo with a set piece from student short film, 'Eris' at Spring Show 2015. Photo by Bob Toy.

    Academy of Art University’s annual Spring Show is one of the biggest highlights of the year for students, faculty and staff, a grand finale of sorts that culminates in an impressive showcase. On May 18, guests, VIPs, industry representatives and students’ families and friends were invited to get a first-hand look at this year’s Spring Show.

    The 2225 Jerrold Ave. warehouse was transformed into a venue able to hold the largest collection of work by the collective Academy schools. The space was organized into one massive, sharply curated maze of gallery walls and displays, enough to take you all day to explore.

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