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    GAM’s Zhuoyang Liu Wins Blizzard Entertainment 'World of Warcraft' Environment Art Award


    Yang’s Moving Bar, Zhouyang Liu’s winning submission in Blizzard Entertainment’s World of Warcraft student art contest. Image courtesy of Zhouyang Liu/Blizzard Entertainment.

    The School of Game Development (GAM) at Academy of Art University has a pretty good track record with Blizzard Entertainment’s World of Warcraft (WoW) student art contest. For the seven years it’s been in existence, Academy students have won prizes in five of those annual competitions, including this year’s Environment Art winner, Zhuoyang Liu.

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    Graphic Design Instructors Take Part in Design//Work Panel

    The San Francisco Chapter of the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) recently hosted the latest event in its Design//Work series and assembled a panel of industry veterans and design world innovators to speak about the design careers of the future. Two of the four featured panelists, Christopher Morlan and Ravit Bennier Cohen, are instructors for the School of Graphic Design (GR) at Academy of Art University.

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    3-D Artist & ANM Graduate Shows Students Their Skills are Valuable in the Digital Heritage Industry


    CyArk 3-D artist and ANM graduate Valerio Paolucci demos a VR experience during his recent visit to campus. Photo by Bob Toy.

    School of Animation & Visual Effects (ANM) alumnus Valerio Paolucci returned to campus this past semester to chat with students about internship opportunities at CyArk and showcase its two latest interactive media projects.

    Paolucci is a 3-D artist at CyArk, short for Cyber Archive, a non-profit organization that takes and stores laser and photographical data of historical and cultural sites for conservation efforts. The company stores the images and data in large databases for later use in physical and digital conservation efforts, should the site be damaged or destroyed by natural disaster, human causes or the passage of time.

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    Rendering Landscapes


    School of Landscape Architecture alumna Jerry Doan with her work on display at the 2017 Spring Show. Photo courtesy of Jerry Doan.

    Academy of Art University School of Landscape Architecture (LAN) alumna Jerry Doan is already utilizing the skills she learned in school as a burgeoning landscape designer. Doan brings something very unique to the field of landscape architecture: 3-D modeling and rendering.

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    A Spring Finale

    Opportunities abound as industry and alumni view student work from all Academy departments


    A student from the School of Graphic Design shows her work to an industry guest at Spring Show. Photo by Bob Toy.

    Academy of Art University’s annual Spring Show serves as an epicenter of innovative design and talent, as all of its departments, from fine art and fashion to illustration and industrial design, put forth their students’ best work to be viewed by special industry guests as well as students’ families, friends and peers.

    This year was no different as the 22 creative disciplines along with Academy President Dr. Elisa Stephens hosted a packed Opening Night at 2225 Jerrold. As guests mingled throughout the venue, departments held award ceremonies as a way to recognize and celebrate the extraordinary work and effort of their students.

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    2018 Honorary Doctorate Recipient: Will Mosgrove

    To say that Academy of Art University has been a major part of honorary doctorate recipient Will Mosgrove’s life is an understatement. Mosgrove, who served as graduate director of the Academy’s School of Photography from 2006 to 2015, also earned his B.F.A. from what was then Academy of Art College. His graduating class of 1978 had just 20 members, one of whom—Anne Cook—would become his wife. The couple will celebrate 38 years of marriage later this year.

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