Chantal Saperstein Celebrates 20 Years Teaching Illustration 1

    Twice a week Chantal Saperstein stands at the helm of a room full of hopeful illustrators. During the 6.3 hour class, she buzzes about energetically, remarking on shading and perspective in her authoritative French accent. She has been doing it for 20 years. And Chuck Pyle, director of the School of Illustration counts that as quite the feat. 

    “ILL 232 is the bedrock skill class for learning how to think, be and do as a professional artist,” he said. “Eighteen students, two sections, twice a year for 20 years. That is a lot of talent shaped on their way to being illustrators. All of us are deeply grateful for her service thus far.”

    During the class, students go through intensive development as they work through the process of creating an illustration. Witnessing this growth, Saperstein said, is what she loves most about teaching. “Some students are very clear—that’s what they want to do, and it’s wonderful, and we support them—their path is very clear all the way, but some of them are struggling and uncertain, and I love to see those students grow and blossom.”



    (L–R) Associate Director Lisa Berrett, Chantal Saperstein and Director of the School of Illustration Chuck Pyle. Photo by Dax Santi.

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    Instructors Gear Up for Spring at Teaching Essentials Conference


    Courtesy of Faculty Development.

    On Wednesday, Jan. 21, instructors, directors and staff from across Academy of Art University, gathered at 180 New Montgomery for Faculty Development’s annual Teaching Essentials Conference to share and brush-up on teaching skills.  

    Workshops focused on core areas of teaching, such as lesson planning, facilitating critiques and creating rubrics. There were also panels led by faculty and staff on topics ranging from “First Semester Lessons Learned” to “Maintaining High Standards.” 

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