Shaping Sustainable Futures

    Starting this semester, Academy of Art University is offering a graduate elective course, Sustainability & Society (FSH/GLA 648), to teach students the nuances of sustainability and the impact it carries for their future careers and lifestyles. 

    Open to students from all disciplines, instructor Masha Birger explained that the online course covers all issues surrounding sustainability, from economic to environmental to social. 

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    Marcio Decker's Talent for Interior Design and Abstract Art Helps Shape His Career

    Vanishing Mutualism

    Decker’s award-winning mixed media piece, Vanishing Mutualism. Image courtesy of Marcio Decker.

    Interior Designer Marcio Decker has earned plenty of praise during his 14-year career. Based in Truckee, California, his firm, Aspen Leaf Interiors, has been featured in many print and online publications, including Elle Décor, Reno Magazine and Tahoe Quarterly. The firm has also received a number of honors, such as a recent nomination for an HGTV Faces of Design award.

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    Creating Platforms for Empowerment


    Courtney Wilkins, a 2016 Academy of Art University M.A. fashion journalism graduate. Photo courtesy of Courtney Wilkins.

    It was a little strange to prep for an interview with Courtney Wilkins, a 2016 M.A. fashion journalism graduate from the Academy of Art University. After all, what does a journalist ask a fellow journalist?

    For starters, there’s the writerly nature of holding multiple jobs at once. Wilkins specializes in celebrity interviews, fashion blogging and social media management, her byline stretching as far east as Atlanta, Georgia, for Kontrol Magazine and out west to Los Angeles for BASIC Magazine. Back in August, she earned her first Kontrol cover story, an interview with women’s wear entrepreneur Juliana Richards, after only three months of working for the digital and print outlet.

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    Skilled Stylists Help JEM Grad’s Work Shine in Print

    Anyone who wears one of jeweler Azita Mireshghi’s bold statement pieces is bound to feel like a bit of a badass. Inspired by the mystery and beauty of nature, her designs emanate strength and power. Examples include a chunky red and black metal cuff that resembles molten lava and a delicate but fierce mesh necklace that looks like skin shed by a golden snake. Mireshghi usually works with brass, bronze and copper, often incorporating organic materials—such as horsehair—in her jewelry for added texture. Tribal ornaments and armor shapes also influence her designs.

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    All in the Details


    Costume renderings. Photo by Annelyn Ayran.

    It’s four days out from opening night and B.F.A. Costume Design student Shelby Lionella has a laundry list of alterations and decisions to make before the first technical, or in-costume, rehearsal. Altering dresses and pants, labeling shoes for the actors, organizing a quick-change protocol, meeting with the director and production team; the list goes on. But for this moment, her focus is on buttons.

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    Fashion Meets Augmented Reality


    School of Fashion graduate Aastha Shah takes part in a Project Runway AR 2.0 app test. Photo courtesy of Peggy Kuo.

    There’s never a shortage of interesting projects going on at Academy of Art University. In more recent years, the School of Game Development (GAM) has embraced concepts bridging the department’s ability to create interactive technology with other fields: Think landscape design, web design, communications and more. 

    Will Anielewicz, an Academy graduate advisor working primarily with the School of Animation & Visual Effects, is piloting a project that would marry fashion and augmented reality (AR) technology. Using graphic hardware, tracking markers are placed on garments so when viewed through an AR app on a mobile device or tablet, animations appear on top of the designs.

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