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    Bringing Fantasy Worlds to Life

    B.F.A. ANM graduate Jan Philip Cramer’s hard work has led to opportunities working on today’s iconic superhero films, including Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War

    The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) struck gold early in 2018 with its release of Black Panther, the third-biggest grossing movie of all time in North America, surpassing Titanic,  according to Forbes. Yet with Avengers: Infinity War hitting theaters on April 27, Marvel’s 2018 run is just getting started, and Academy of Art University alumnus Jan Philip Cramer is just stoked to be along for the ride.

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    Making UKR History

    Noah Rivers recorded the 50th episode of his Hashtag the Praise Break program this spring


    Noah Rivers’ Hashtag the Praise Break is the longest running program in UKR history. Photo courtesy of Noah Rivers.

    Academy of Art University School of Communications & Media Technologies (COM) and (UKR) Program Director Noah Rivers made department history on Sunday, March 4, when he logged his 50th episode of Hashtag the Praise Break, the longest run in UKR programming. 

    “In the radio business, 50 episodes is where we say, ‘This is officially a show,’” said Matty Staudt, UKR general manager. “The key is consistency—anybody can start a show, but the folks that really stick with a show are the ones that really make it.”

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    Visual Development Alumna Lands Dream Job With Tonko House

    JJ Jaehee Song’s hard work and diligence has paid off as she continues to flourish in her career


    A still from Tonko House's PIG: The Dam Keeper Poems. Image courtesy of JJ Song.

    School of Visual Development (VIS) M.F.A. alumna, JJ Jaehee Song is working as a visual development artist at new and award-winning animation studio Tonko House.

    While Song has been with Tonko House as an intern since 2015, she has had a long and winding journey to her current position as an established visual development artist. “Very early, when I was 12, I fell in love with animation, specifically, it was Pixar’s Monsters, Inc. After I saw that I decided my dream and studied art,” Song said in an interview.

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    Celebrating the Year of the Dog

    Academy students take to the parade route with their artistic creations


    A camera person from a local news team films the Academy’s Year of the Dog float as it passes through Union Square. Photo by Bob Toy.

    It may have been chillier than usual outside, but that didn’t stop Academy of Art University students and the additional hundreds of thousands of people from lining the streets for the 61st annual Southwest Airlines Chinese New Year Parade presented by the Chinese Chamber of Commerce to celebrate the Year of the Dog. 

    For months, students and instructors from the Schools of Fine Art – Sculpture, Illustration, Acting and Music Production & Sound Design for Visual Media worked to complete the Academy’s 18-foot float that wound its way through the Financial District, Union Square and Chinatown on Saturday, Feb. 24, as part of the two-and-a-half-hour parade. 

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    Improving the Life of A "Lucky" Penguin

    Academy alumna Laurel Ebert is using 3-D design technologies to design a life-saving boot for Lucky the penguin

    Rachel Ritchason Curator of Birds and Records Santa Barbara Zoo

    Lucky the penguin with Rachel Ritchason, curator of Birds and Records, at the Santa Barbara Zoo. Photo courtesy of Laurel Ebert.

    Laurel Ebert, an Academy of Art University School of Industrial Design alumna, is working to save a life with the help of technology that continues to revolutionize industries around the world: 3-D design. 

    The recipient of this design is Lucky, a Humboldt penguin. Born in 2010 at the Santa Barbara Zoo, Lucky’s life began just like any other fuzzy penguin chick, shuffling around in his nest. It wasn’t until he started to walk that zookeepers noticed something a little different about Lucky.

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    When Talents Come Together

    Academy schools collaborate to create a float celebrating art and culture for the Southwest Airlines Chinese New Year Parade


    An illustrated mock-up of the Academy’s float for this year’s Southwest Airlines Chinese New Year Parade. Image courtesy of Bob Toy.

    The cultural landscape of San Francisco has undergone many changes throughout the years, but one event has annually celebrated culture and diversity for 160 years. The Southwest Airlines Chinese New Year Parade will once again welcome thousands of people on Saturday, Feb. 24, to San Francisco for one of the largest celebrations of Lunar New Year in the world.

    As a place where people from around the globe come to study art, Academy of Art University is a proud supporter of the Southwest Airlines Chinese New Year Parade. This is the fifth year in a row that the Academy has created an elaborate float that unites students and instructors from across a variety of departments.

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