From the Cover

    A Spring Finale

    Opportunities abound as industry and alumni view student work from all Academy departments


    A student from the School of Graphic Design shows her work to an industry guest at Spring Show. Photo by Bob Toy.

    Academy of Art University’s annual Spring Show serves as an epicenter of innovative design and talent, as all of its departments, from fine art and fashion to illustration and industrial design, put forth their students’ best work to be viewed by special industry guests as well as students’ families, friends and peers.

    This year was no different as the 22 creative disciplines along with Academy President Dr. Elisa Stephens hosted a packed Opening Night at 2225 Jerrold. As guests mingled throughout the venue, departments held award ceremonies as a way to recognize and celebrate the extraordinary work and effort of their students.

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    Celebrating the Crew

    Acknowledgement and recognition was given to students, instructors and department staff at the second annual NXT Up Fest


    Photo by Bob Toy.

    For the second annual NXT Up Fest, the School of Motion Pictures & Television (MPT) at the Academy of Art University decided to do things a little different.

    Compared to last year’s event, which had students’ peers decide who takes home the prize, this year, it was up to a select group of industry professionals with hefty resumes: Chris Moore (Manchester by the Sea, Good Will Hunting); Howard Rosenman (Call Me By Your Name); Liz Glotzer (The Shawshank Redemption, The Good Fight); and Barbara Fisher (Hallmark Channel).

    “We wanted this work to be viewed by people in the industry,” said MPT Director Randy Levinson. “We wanted to get an assessment of what people were really thinking, the heads of each of their own particular crafts.”

    On paper, NXT Up Fest is all about acknowledging individual student excellence. But for the entire night, the department instructors and award winners were all about showing their crew some love.

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    Creative visions come to life for the 2018 Graduation Fashion Show in inspirational, sustainable collections

    Utopia and dystopia, light and dark, old and new—the 2018 Graduation Fashion Show was an exploration of contrasts. The large warehouse at 2225 Jerrold, which usually hosts the entire Academy of Art University Spring Show, was transformed and filled to capacity. Fashion industry insiders, socialites, influencers, local and international press were treated to the unexpected sight of a long, elevated runway constructed from a combination of metal scaffolding and recycled wood beams. 

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    Bringing Fantasy Worlds to Life

    B.F.A. ANM graduate Jan Philip Cramer’s hard work has led to opportunities working on today’s iconic superhero films, including Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War

    The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) struck gold early in 2018 with its release of Black Panther, the third-biggest grossing movie of all time in North America, surpassing Titanic,  according to Forbes. Yet with Avengers: Infinity War hitting theaters on April 27, Marvel’s 2018 run is just getting started, and Academy of Art University alumnus Jan Philip Cramer is just stoked to be along for the ride.

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    Making UKR History

    Noah Rivers recorded the 50th episode of his Hashtag the Praise Break program this spring


    Noah Rivers’ Hashtag the Praise Break is the longest running program in UKR history. Photo courtesy of Noah Rivers.

    Academy of Art University School of Communications & Media Technologies (COM) and (UKR) Program Director Noah Rivers made department history on Sunday, March 4, when he logged his 50th episode of Hashtag the Praise Break, the longest run in UKR programming. 

    “In the radio business, 50 episodes is where we say, ‘This is officially a show,’” said Matty Staudt, UKR general manager. “The key is consistency—anybody can start a show, but the folks that really stick with a show are the ones that really make it.”

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    Visual Development Alumna Lands Dream Job With Tonko House

    JJ Jaehee Song’s hard work and diligence has paid off as she continues to flourish in her career


    A still from Tonko House's PIG: The Dam Keeper Poems. Image courtesy of JJ Song.

    School of Visual Development (VIS) M.F.A. alumna, JJ Jaehee Song is working as a visual development artist at new and award-winning animation studio Tonko House.

    While Song has been with Tonko House as an intern since 2015, she has had a long and winding journey to her current position as an established visual development artist. “Very early, when I was 12, I fell in love with animation, specifically, it was Pixar’s Monsters, Inc. After I saw that I decided my dream and studied art,” Song said in an interview.

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