Awards Ceremony Honors 2018 IND Edwin T. Meyer Scholarship Winners


    IND student Kevin Chen was this year’s recipient of the $10,000 Edwin T. Meyer Scholarship. Photo by Bob Toy.

    On the evening of April 12, a group of Academy of Art University faculty, students and guests gathered among the gleaming vintage cars at the school’s automobile museum. They were there for an awards ceremony to announce the winner of a design competition for a $10,000 Edwin T. Meyer Scholarship. The five finalists included School of Industrial Design (IND) automotive students Max Benon, Kevin Chen, Mitchell Galik, Joshua Reese and Arindra Singh. It was the fourth year in a row that IND students participated in the competition. The scholarships are made possible thanks to a charitable trust established in memory of hot rod pioneer Edwin T. (Bud) Meyer by his long-time attorney and trustee, Mark Eskander. 

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    Meet Your Campus Hosts: April Bevans

    April Bevans runs a tight ship at the Academy of Art University’s Howard Brodie Hall residence hall at 655 Sutter St. Everyone walking in must present their ID and abide by the building’s rules and regulations, no exceptions. Even when Bevans isn’t there, the students and residents proceed as if she were.

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    Making Valuable Connections

    From the Academy to the real-world, WNM alumnus Nic Goodrich shares his Ideate experience

    With the academic semester soon coming to a close, Academy of Art University School of Web Design & New Media’s (WNM) semesterly Ideate Conference is preparing for its Spring 2018 edition. Ideate is an opportunity for WNM students to showcase their work, share portfolios with industry professionals for feedback or glean nuggets of wisdom from the industry veterans, who have worked as professional creatives for years.

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    Showcasing Individualism in Design

    April 26 Portfolio Review_general_2

    Family, friends and special guests at the Portfolio Review got a firsthand look at the designers’ work on display. Photo by Randy Brooke.

    Every spring, the School of Fashion at the Academy of Art University hosts its annual Graduation Fashion Show and Portfolio Review, but year-to-year, no two events are alike. 

    For 2018, the student portfolios exhibited a celebration of individualism. As School of Fashion Director Gary Miller said, “Every design student is completely unique. They’re showing the best of their individual design abilities. It’s not that it’s a different class, it’s every student has their own unique message they’re trying to show.”

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    Speaking Out Through Fashion


    (L–R) The Graduation Fashion Show Industry Panel: Sarah Kozlowski Council of Fashion Designers Director of Education and Professional Development), Trino Verkade (CEO of Sarabande, the Lee Alexander McQueen Founder), Andre Walker (New York-based designer), Lutz Huelle (Paris-based designer), Alexander Fury (Chief Fashion Correspondent at T: the New York Times Style magazine) and Simon Ungless (Executive Director of the School of Fashion). Photo by Randy Brooke.

    Before this year’s collections walked the runway, Academy of Art University’s School of Fashion amped up this year’s Graduation Fashion Show with an industry panel featuring their Guests of Honor: New York-based designer Andre Walker, Paris-based designer Lutz Huelle and esteemed fashion journalist Alexander Fury. 

    The Atrium and balcony at 625 Polk were filled before the guests and fellow panelists Trino Verkade (CEO of Sarabande, the Lee Alexander McQueen Founder), Sara Kozlowski (Council of Fashion Designers of America, Director of Education and Professional Development) and moderator Simon Ungless (Executive Director of the School of Fashion) took their places on stage.

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    Getting Technical

    StageMedia founder Jacob Kalousek and music designer Scott Ewalt lift the curtain on the Graduation Fashion Show and reveal what goes into the Academy’s annual runway event

    “A fashion show is undefined. We’re in an era where anything and everything goes.”

    The words of StageMedia founder Jacob Kalousek have perhaps never rang more true than in the age of the modern fashion show, where the performance and spectacle of the show are just as valued as the clothes themselves. And he should know: Kalousek has managed the Academy of Art University Graduation Fashion Shows for the last 20 years. As technical director, he’s one of the people responsible for the spectacle that attracts more than 2,000 people each year. The other is music designer Scott Ewalt, who travels from New York each year to collaborate on the event, which showcases the final work of the Academy’s graduating fashion design students.

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