Students at a Glance: Diamond Linan

Yes or No - Sarah A Garcia + Ryan Andrew Vasquez

Sarah A. Garcia and Ryan Andrew Vasquez in 'Yes or No.' Courtesy of Diamond Linan.

“Yes or no?”

And that was it. The cliffhanger of the century, the end all for the writer, the audience and the product of one very pleased writer/director Diamond Linan. The audience is left with an aching heart and a racing mind, left to ponder that question, “Yes or no?”



Diamond Linan. Photo by William Rivers.

“I write because I love making the audience feel something,” Linan said. “I like creating a visual world where people walk away feeling something, even if it’s frustration from my cliffhangers, just making people feel something.”

Linan started directing at Academy of Art University three years ago, but she has been working in the performing arts for 10. Her zeal for the craft has driven her for three years and has lead her to discover her desired passion—directing music videos.

Art takes a new life when Linan gets behind the camera, and in watching her work, one could feel the emotion, passion, drive and drama she aims to convey.

When asked about her inspirations, she responded, “I love Marc Webb, he’s a music video director [that also] directed the new The Amazing Spider-Man. He directed a lot of My Chemical Romance videos that really inspired me. Tim Burton is also one of my favorite directors.”


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