Students and Instructors Participate in School of Fine Art - Printmaking's Annual Print Exchange Portfolio


The 11th Annual Print Exchange Portfolio.

Every fall, the School of Fine Art is involved in quite a few events. In addition to contributing artwork to the Faculty and Alumni Fine Art Auction, the School of Fine Art – Printmaking has an annual print event: the Print Exchange Portfolio. 

This year was the 11th annual print exchange. Instructors, along with both undergraduate and graduate students all participated and each created an edition of prints. The only restriction on the prints is the size; the content is up to each participant. This year, the paper size was 13" × 13". Other years have been as small as 4" × 6" and as large as 11” × 14".


The cover of the 11th Annual Print Exchange Portfolio.


Students and instructors assemble their boxes in the Book Arts room.

On Saturday, Nov. 15, all of the participants gathered in the book arts room at 60 Federal, where the prints were collected and collated, and the box-making event began. Each participant constructed a beautiful half-clamshell box to house the prints.

Full time book arts instructor Christine Rolik, with help from the work study staff, created and prepared all of the parts needed to make the boxes. Rolik assisted faculty and students with putting together the parts and assembling the box.

Once the boxes were assembled and the editions of prints were collated, each person walked away with a beautiful box, which contained a print from each instructor and student who participated in this beautiful annual event.


Graduate student Yishu Wang puts together her box.


The editions of prints are laid out, and then collated.

All photos are courtesy of the School of Fine Art – Printmaking.