Urban Knights Radio Presents Tuesday Tunes

Academy Idol contestant Michael Regalo performs at the radio station's first Tuesday Tunes event of the semester

On Tuesday, Nov. 18, Urban Knights Radio hosted Tuesday Tunes with first-year music production student Michael Regalo as the featured performer.

The event has been taking place each semester for over a year, and Ronn Grant of Urban Nights Radio, who is also a judge on the current season of Academy Idol, said the aim of the event is, “to feature local Academy artists, as well as promote our radio station. Believe it or not, a lot of students don’t know that there’s a radio station at the Academy … but we want them to know that this is something they could be part of, have their own show, as well as give local artists at our school an opportunity to showcase their talent.”



First-year music production student Michael Regalo. Photo by Bob Toy.


First-year music production student Michael Regalo performing at Tuesday Tunes. Photo by Bob Toy.

A singer-songwriter and guitar player, Regalo is also a contestant onAcademy Idol this year. He became involved with the competition after speaking with Grant at the iHouse Café, which in turn lead to his appearance on Tuesday Tunes.

“I got really excited. I called everyone,” said Regalo, after finding out he would get to perform on the radio station.

Regalo has been performing since he was young as part of a music program in his home in the Central Valley.

“When I moved out here I wanted to find something like that. I wanted to play. I love playing in front of people and this is pretty much my gateway to doing it.”


For an enthusiastic group of gathered students and faculty, at Urban Knights Radio’s room 100, 79 New Montgomery Street location, Regalo performed three songs. He began with “Comeback Song” by Hootie & the Blowfish’s Darius Rucker, before debuting an original composition titled “It’s the Little Things,” which was inspired by the aftermath of a breakup, and then picking up the pace with Greenday’s “Oh Love.”

Urban Knights Radio is always looking for volunteers who want to work at the station. “We have three different levels of classes right now,” said Grant. “If you are not a multimedia communications major, you can still enroll in one of our classes that would afford you the opportunity to actually work at the radio station and get some experience.”

One of the things students receive when working at the station is a two hour-long show where they have different topics and can talk about anything they want to.

“Anyone can contact Matty Staudt,” said Grant, “who is our [general manager] of the radio station or Jan Yanehiro, our department head. Stop by the radio station if you have any questions or concerns, we’d be happy to involve you and have you join our team … We just want to continue to encourage students to let their voices be heard. This is an art school, that’s what we’re about. Be sure to be involved.”

The School of Multimedia Communications’ Academy Idol competition is live streamed every Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. on

For those who want to be part of the show as a contestant or judge next semester, Grant said, “We do encourage you to just come out. The department has a lot to offer, so we do definitely encourage you guys to come out, be a part of it, don’t be shy. Come on in and see what Urban Knights Radio and our multimedia communications department has to offer.”


LIne for Urban Nights

  1. “Daggers” – Ex Cops
  2. “Evergreen” - Broods
  3. “Fistful of Hollow” - Swingin' Utters
  4. “Tesla Rossa” - Tesla Rossa
  5. “Jagorilla” - Zulu Wave



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