For the Love of Classic Movies


Courtesy of Turner Classic Movies.

This past October, Academy of Art University’s Executive Director of The School of Acting Diane Baker was invited to speak with 1,800 film fans at the Turner Classic Movies Cruise. She screened two of her films, Mirage and The Diary of Anne Frank.

“[The screenings] were packed. I laughed when I got there. Diary was on at 10:30 on a Saturday morning,” Baker said. “I laughed and said, ‘I wouldn’t imagine anyone would be coming to see The Diary of Anne Frank this early in the morning when you could have stayed in bed. People thought that was so funny. And [Robert Osborne] said right out to the public, ‘But all these people are passionate about movies, so they’ll be up early to see every movie.’”

Over the course of one week, Baker was interviewed by Osborne, Illeana Douglas and Ben Mankiewicz and answered questions directly from the fans in attendance.



Diane Baker being interviewed by Robert Osborne. Courtesy of Turner Classic Movies.


Diane Baker. Courtesy of Turner Classic Movies.

“It was so wonderful to come into contact with so many wonderful fans that are primarily on the cruise just because they love movies,” Baker said. “You’re running into people that you never would have come into contact with unless you were onboard this ship. It was very exciting from that perspective.”

Other notable guests included: Tab Hunter, Ann Blyth and Rory Flynn, daughter of Errol Flynn. Also in attendance was Richard Dreyfuss, who celebrated his 67th birthday during the TCM cruise.

Baker shared that she was thrilled to be invited and loved meeting with all of the fans that keep these films in demand.

“It was really a wonderful experience,” Baker said. “I had the best week I think I’ve had in years. It was just so uplifting and everybody was happy.”



Celebrating Richard Dreyfuss’ 67th birthday. Courtesy of Turner Classic Movies.


Ship: Courtesy of Turner Classic Movies.