What I Learned During My First Semester at Academy of Art University – Part 1

  • Definitely get a good pair of headphones and some earplugs. You and your roommate may have very conflicting musical tastes.

  • Your roommate may not wear pants. Be prepared.

  • Buy a night mask or rig a curtain with an extra sheet if you have a bunk bed, just in case you and your roommate go to sleep at different times.

  • Bring a small trashcan. It will come in handy, plus the cleaning staff will put an extra bag over it for you. :)

  • Buy lots of toilet paper. The larger roll packs are more expensive at Walgreens but will last you a lot longer each.

  • Your neighbors may not always be quiet or considerate. Please pay attention to Quiet Hours, we beg of you.

  • Make sure you buy all of your supplies BEFORE class. Double check to find out if you need supplies and what they may be.

  • Always plan out lab time. Even if you don’t need it, you may want it later, and it’s better to have them and not need them, rather than the other way around.

  • Try to not procrastinate on your midterms and finals. Everyone else does, and you will be out of luck if you need to be in the lab the week of finals and midterms.

  • For all of you animation majors out there, Analysis of Form means that you will be drawing A LOT. Blick Art Supplies is your friend!

  • You will also need a lot more time for your shots than you think you will, especially in Stop Motion (ANM 101). Plan for at least three days of lab time for your projects, just to be safe. Additionally, you probably don’t want to be sitting in a lab for eight hours or more in one day, so spread it out as much as you can, but be responsible and get it done.

Make sure to pick up the next edition of Academy Art U News next month for more tips.