What I Learned During My First Semester at Academy of Art University - Part 2


General living:

  • College is stressful. Know what you’re getting into, and know how to defuse yourself when things get to be too much.
  • Spend time exploring the city. There are so many beautiful places less than a mile away where you can retreat to when you feel stressed.
  • Join clubs (like Beyond the Graphite). They will help you meet nice people with shared interests.
  • Never be afraid to take a break from it all for a bit. As long as you are responsible, you will still get your work done. If you die of stress, you still won’t pass that class.
  • You need to know how to budget, be it your time, your money or your class resources.    
  • Things get a little spendy, so don’t rely on a credit card or going out to eat or shop all the time in the beginning. You’ll hate yourself for it in the end.  
  • Don’t rush on assignments, but don’t dote on them forever. Do your best in the time given, but don’t take up time that could be used on something else. If you get stumped on something, come back to it later, inspiration will strike when you least expect it!
  • If your classes use resources, be sparing. Don’t overuse something unless you know you have the means to get more of it.
  • Your family and friends will still be there when you get home. You will get lonely, but try to focus on the fact that you are doing what you love rather than math problems and you’ll be ok.
  • NOTHING is as far away as you think it is. Walking is a very good option around here. Don’t be tempted to get addicted to Uber. Your wallet will thank you. The city isn’t too big in the grand scheme of things, and you can use the Academy shuttles to get around if you plan and map accordingly.

For even more tips, make sure to pick up the next edition of Academy Art U News.