Courtesy of Academy of Art University’s fashion journalism program.

Fashion journalism is a portfolio of ever-evolving vocabulary and tools. Just as a “selfie” has become a new word in the dictionary, journalists today use innovative digital techniques for visual and short-form reporting, via Instagram and Twitter, to share their stories.  

Academy of Art University has always been at the intersection of new technologies and arts, and this semester’s Open House/Open Studio is no exception. In partnership with SocialPulp, an NYC-based digital tools agency, on Saturday, March 7 from 9 a.m.–3 p.m., the School of Fashion featured an interactive installation fed by Instagram and Twitter as part of the Open House for the fashion journalism program.

Images and tweets captured by fashion journalism master’s students Faye Harris and Marlena Kot were projected in real time to the attending prospective students and their families, resulting in an engaging, ever-changing interactive experience.

“Participating in the interactive installation was a rewarding experience for me as a fashion journalism student. I was able to contribute and witness how social media services, like Instagram, can aid in telling and sharing an important story,” said Harris, a graduate student in the School of Fashion.

Prospective students also shared their best moments from the School of Fashion’s Open House/Open Studio contributing to the visually stunning, real-time evolving reportage of crowd-sourced images and text.



Courtesy of Academy of Art University’s fashion journalism program.