A Haight Street Drawing Party at SkunkFunk


A drawing by Academy of Art University fine art instructor Carol Nunnelly from Skunkfunk’s Valentine’s Day event. Courtesy of Carol Nunnelly.

What do the students of several areas of discipline including illustration, fine art and education have in common? It’s simple; Academy of Art University students love to draw and are known to show up for free cookies and wine just to get the opportunity.

Academy students Pam Marano (Art Education), Juan Ruiz (Illustration) and Taner Lyon (Illustration) recently spent the afternoon of Valentine’s Day in Skunkfunk USA drawing and “making a difference.” Located at 1475 Haight St. on the legendary corner of Haight and Ashbury, we descended onto the famous spot to draw. Why? The love of drawing and a belief in networking, as well as the love of free cookies and wine. The 3:00 p.m.–6:00 p.m. event on a Saturday afternoon was very successful.

The event was organized by Joe Castiglione, the event coordinator for Skunkfunk and an M.F.A. graduate in fashion design with an emphasis on menswear and textile design. He graduated in May 2013 and was tasked with coordinating a special Valentine’s Day event at Skunkfunk, featuring an authentic Haight Street experience complete with a band (serenade by Jen Coogan), artists on hand to create fashion drawings for customers to take home an illustration of themselves in a Skunkfunk outfit and refreshments. A lively party atmosphere was evident, as everyone had a great time.

Yukiko and Kyle Retzik are the owners of Skunkfunk. Skunkfunk believes in a different way of making fashion, working to make a difference both in style and sustainability. This eco-friendly Spanish company participates in the city’s Zero Waste Textile Initiative and can be found worldwide in countries such as Spain, France, Portugal and Austria. Skunkfunk is well known to many international customers who shop regularly at the store.

Castiglione learned about green design in the School of Fashion and that assisted him in working at Skunkfunk, since he knows what goes into the entire process of textiles, prints, dyes, coloring and washing process as well as the clothing design. One of the company’s goals is to be green and not to leave a carbon footprint on the environment.

Skunkfunk believes their target customer is the savvy shopper who believes in style and sustainability. To learn more about Skunkfunk, please visit


Artists Drawing

Academy students working on their drawings at Skunkfunk’s Valentine’s Day event. Courtesy of Carol Nunnelly.

Joe Castiglione

Skunkfunk Event Coordinator and Academy of Art University M.F.A. fashion design graduate Joe Castiglione. Courtesy of Carol Nunnelly.