Bay Area Beat: The Family Crest

Local band, including Academy instructor Charlie Giesige, gives an unforgettable performance at The Chapel

The Family Crest

The Family Crest. Courtesy of Krys Moysard.

In my life thus far, I’ve seen countless bands and have attended even more concerts, and I’ve performed nearly as many gigs myself. Never in my time as a musician or a fan have I seen a band with half the passion and drive as the Bay Area-based band The Family Crest. The band headlined at The Chapel on Feb. 27 and gave a show I won’t forget.

Their presence was simply spectacular. Just watching the band, I could feel the love that they had for what they were doing, I could feel the passion in every note they played, and the smiles on their faces spoke volumes. Every song had the crowd moving and singing, “oohing” and clapping along, regardless of how well they may or may not have known the songs. Everything spoke for the ability of the performers and the love that they put into their music, and the performers themselves were humble and sweet in the face of the adoration they got from the crowd, which is always nice to see.  

The Family Crest has been together since 2009 and has a seven-piece core group, including the Academy’s own Charlie Giesige, a teacher in the School of Music Production & Sound Design for Visual Media, who is currently on tour with the group. The band also credits over 400 other musicians, naming them the “extended family” members, who are other artists that have helped on their recordings. The first recording produced alone credits 80 people. Their music hosts a variety of different instruments (bassoon, French horn, cello, violin and upright bass, just to name a few) in different settings, capturing all possible sounds and combinations one could dream of, providing the listener with a brilliant new experience.


Charlie Giesige

The Family Crest. Courtesy of Krys Moysard.

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