By the Power of Powell Street!


Katie Longua and Andre Speckert hunt for clues as Velma and Shaggy. Photo by Dax Santi.

A nostalgic childhood memory for many of us is waking up on weekend mornings to watch cartoons in your favorite pajamas; eagerly following Velma to solve the latest mystery and cheer He-Man as he saves the universe, all over a bowl of Lucky Charms. These early heroes still serve as inspiration for many of us, providing classic characters and setting the theme for this semester’s Costume Carnival, “Saturday Morning Cartoons.”


Sarafina Murphy-Gibson hosting as Jem. Photo by Dax Santi.

Making their appearance on March 7 at 540 Powell Street were members of the Scooby Doo gang, She-Ra, Wilma Flintstone, ThunderCats and Sailor Moon, among others. Sets included a picturesque tableau straight out of Bedrock, a toy-filled children’s playroom and a spooky picnic scene in a haunted forest. Models delighted Academy of Art University students with fun character mash ups, such as epic battles between the Red Power Ranger and bad girl Pizzazz (from the Jem and the Holograms TV series) or wild tea parties involving Cheetara, Speed Racer and Wonder Woman. Attendees who came in their pajamas were entered into a raffle for a chance to win art supplies.

As always, the Costume Carnival serves as an opportunity for students to be inspired, foster community amongst themselves and flex their individual drawing talents. Coinciding with the Academy’s Open Studio, it was also a wonderful time to showcase our whimsical creativity to prospective students and their families, showing them how much fun we can have.

The gears are already shifting towards the fall carnival, which is shaping up to be quite “beastly”! Hint, hint. See you there!


An epic collage illustration. By Academy of Art University alumnus Mark Simmons.