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    Bantucentric: Black Student Union

    Come join us to share your ideas and experience the power of community

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    Black Student Union President William Rivers and Vice President Dairia Kymber Harvin.

    “We cannot think of uniting with others, until after we have first united among ourselves. We cannot think of being acceptable to others until we have first proven acceptable to ourselves.”

                                                                                                                                    —Malcolm X

    Bantucentric is all about being ourselves and being proud to be who we are. As black people, it is so easy to fall into the pit of depression and indifference toward your people. It’s so much easier to blend in and give up on your culture or not even search to find that culture because the world you live in tells you that it isn’t important. This column is all about changing that and showing the world that we have a voice and that we matter. The mistake that is made is assuming that it can be done alone.

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    'Tabitha's Handy Tips!' - Cleaning: Charcoal


    The Sum of Us All


    The AllAspects, Inc. crew for Jared Sheppard’s “Cooped.” Courtesy of Gael Muteba.

    A man or woman is the sum of what he or she knows, and in an effort to aid this belief, AllAspects, Inc. shares views, experiences and opinions in order to further the cause of learning. AllAspects, Inc. is a group of Academy of Art University students dedicated to providing information for students, from students, by students. The group is meant to encompass and tackle issues worth hearing and reading about. We are a diverse group of individuals pursuing different fields of interest.

    Man’s greatest weapon is knowledge; man needs it, thrives on it, builds upon it, and ultimately uses it to gain success. Our goal as a group is to share what we do and bring to light to what you do; your art is important so let it be shown. It doesn’t stop there however; all opinions, ideas and stories can be posted to the AllAspects, Inc. Facebook page, and members can be contacted through the page and their respective social media pages.

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    Holy Holi!


    Photo by Elliott Nathan.

    On Saturday, March 28, Academy of Art University students of all majors joined together to throw a mirage of colorful powder at 601 Brannan, leaving behind a great rainbow cloud. The Academy’s Indian Student Association, honoring India’s ancient Hindu celebration, Holi, hosted the event.

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    The Liberal Lyrics

    Love and Liberty

    I would give the world to you

    But it is not mine to give

    I can’t give you the treasures of the Earth

    But you can have the life I live

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    The Drama Gears Up for 'The Vagina Monologues' and 'Xenophilia'

    One of the longest running clubs at the Academy is gearing up for their spring events, including a performance of Eve Ensler’s The Vagina Monologues later this month

    xenophilia (1)

    Academy of Art University’s Drama Club, one of the longest running clubs on campus, is hosting Xenophilia, the mother of all talent shows on May 1. Since 2000, they have performed a plethora of spectacular performances that have inspired and entertained both students and San Francisco locals alike.

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    Top 5 Songs Now Playing on

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    Sounds of Blackness

    The importance of exploring the roots of music and how this can bring you closer to a culture

    “Oh, you always listen to that white boy music!”

    If you were anything like me growing up, you didn’t seem to fit in very well with the black kids in your classes. This statement was one that I heard quite often, because I listened primarily to punk, metal or screamo music as a child. I didn’t have many black friends at all, and fitting in is always easier when there is more in common than just the color of your skin.

    In the environment that I grew up in, it was undesirable to live the lifestyles portrayed in a great deal of rap and hip-hop music, and therefore, I began to resent the music all together, along with the people around me who listened to it. Rap music was “bad” and was something that I stayed away from with fear of seeming uneducated or dangerous.

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    'Tabitha's Handy Tips!' - Snack Time: Puppy Chow!