The Art of Wellness

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Sasha on the Williamsburg waterfront in Brooklyn, wearing Hyde organic cotton yoga apparel.

If you had told me as a grad student that a few years later I’d be doing what I’m doing, I would have laughed, questioned your sanity and gone on with my day.

Yet here I am: an M.F.A. graduate from Academy of Art University’s fashion merchandising program, happily concocting green smoothies, teaching yoga, coaching clients on wellness and healthy lifestyle habits and working for an organic yoga apparel company.

We hear stories like this all the time, someone experiencing a health revelation after reading a book, seeing a segment on TV, watching a documentary, surviving a health scare or personal crisis. This is often the way adopting wellness practices works: it can creep up quickly, slyly, with the best intentions of turning your world upside down (or rather right-side-up).


Having grown up around artists and studied various art forms myself—dance, drawing, costume design—I recognized the unhealthy habits artists can easily slip into. We can find ourselves in the flow of whatever it is we’re doing and absent-mindedly forget to do imperative things like eat, sleep or exercise. It becomes an issue once these habits turn into ingrained lifestyle patterns, and we find ourselves unwell.

What many of our artistic brains may fail to realize is that wellness itself can be an exciting form of art with endless possibilities. There are no limits to the ways in which we can get creative in taking care of ourselves, and the best part is that we’re in charge of the way we want to feel. As a painter does with a brush or a director with a camera—we have the power and choice to create the life we want, however we want.


sasha yoga mccarren park

Sasha in McCarren Park, Williamsburg, Brooklyn. She is wearing Hyde organic cotton yoga apparel.

How can health be artistic? Take food for example. There’s food photography, food styling, getting creative in the kitchen with cooking or chopping or discovering new flavor combinations. In our lifestyle, there are countless ways in which can all explore practices that serve us best, whether that’s yoga, knitting, learning a new skill or language.

The thing about creativity is that it is not limited to art or whatever your idea of art is. Because that’s just it—it’s all relative. Your form of art or creativity is unique to you—similarly, yoga isn’t limited to a physical practice, and the food that works best for your body might be completely different than someone else’s.

The best way to integrate the art of wellness into our lives, whatever creative practice we choose, is to make a decision. Every moment is an opportunity to decide what we want to do with our lives. All we have to do is remove the blinders and get creative with how we take care of ourselves in the same way we open ourselves up to the limitless possibilities behind our unique forms of artistic expression.

Peace, love and be well.

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sasha yoga brooklyn

Sasha on the Williamsburg waterfront in Brooklyn, wearing Hyde organic cotton yoga apparel.