The Liberal Lyrics

Love and Liberty

I would give the world to you

But it is not mine to give

I can’t give you the treasures of the Earth

But you can have the life I live

I would off up the sun, moon, and stars

So they may be yours

Or maybe ours?

But things do not belong to me

So you may my love and liberty


Honey is I am not enough

And it’s Earth, sky, and treasure you adore

Then I will spend my life

Slaving day and night

To see that these are yours.


No Title

I try to clear my every thought.

A battle that couldn’t be fought.


Streams plop on my pillow.

Inside I am a Weeping Willow.


I ask myself why?

Can’t I be a different guy?


The way I sound.

This was how I was found.


My soul can’t change.

But I wish I could rearrange.


I spent years accepting me.

Pretending to live happily.


I think God made a glitch.

As my lips start to twitch.


Feels like ants are eating my organs to dust.

But I must fight, I must.