The Sum of Us All


The AllAspects, Inc. crew for Jared Sheppard’s “Cooped.” Courtesy of Gael Muteba.

A man or woman is the sum of what he or she knows, and in an effort to aid this belief, AllAspects, Inc. shares views, experiences and opinions in order to further the cause of learning. AllAspects, Inc. is a group of Academy of Art University students dedicated to providing information for students, from students, by students. The group is meant to encompass and tackle issues worth hearing and reading about. We are a diverse group of individuals pursuing different fields of interest.

Man’s greatest weapon is knowledge; man needs it, thrives on it, builds upon it, and ultimately uses it to gain success. Our goal as a group is to share what we do and bring to light to what you do; your art is important so let it be shown. It doesn’t stop there however; all opinions, ideas and stories can be posted to the AllAspects, Inc. Facebook page, and members can be contacted through the page and their respective social media pages.

Our Facebook page will provide info about our art, experiences, stories and our projects. From time to time, articles about these projects will be shared in Beyond the Graphite. One such project is a web series being created by Jared Sheppard called Cooped.

Cooped is based around a fictional character named Jared and a pigeon named Cooper who gets trapped in his phone. Together, the two learn about life through a series of events, and they start to see things through unexpected perspectives.


AllAspects, Inc. setting up for a shoot. Courtesy of Gael Muteba.

Combining humor with realism, Cooped provides a very refreshing and funny take on a web series. The vibe of the series is very much dark comedy, with inspiration from shows like BoJack Horseman and Arby ‘n’ The Chief.

Sheppard really emphasized that he wanted it to be lighthearted and comical, but also deep and meaningful. “I’m really going for something that can make you laugh at some crazy situations, or funny reactions and dialogue, but also really hit you with real and deep moments. Like I said, it’s like listening to a fun, really [upbeat] song but the lyrics make you go, ‘Oh,’ and you really feel the two sides of it.”