Meet Your Models: Veronique Bohne


Always versatile, Bohne’s talents lend to a plethora of characters. Photo by Shahin Fathi Djalali.

Most artist models have busy lives, often balancing modeling with other professions and personal schedules. Veronique Bohne is no exception, managing her modeling career, the occasional acting gig and being a mother to her young daughter with aplomb. With a professional history that spans genres and multiple continents, Bohne consistently delivers a poised and polished performance. Honing her skills in Paris for 13 years before moving to San Francisco, she is equally suited playing up her 1920s flapper fatale side as she is channeling Calamity Jane for some western drama. 

What’s your hometown?

Aix-en-Provence, France. I moved here in 2001.


How long have you been with the Academy?

I started working here right away. September of 2002, I believe.  


How did you become an art model?

In college, at Les Beaux Arts, I met a girl making money artist modeling. She explained the job and I thought, “Well I should try that!”   


Describe your modeling style.

Classic dramatic storyteller!


Who are your personal muses?

Strong women and actresses. Louise Brooks who started as a silent film star and I’ve always loved Jodie Foster.


One of Bohne's favorite looks, a French revolutionary equipped with a Phrygian cap. Photo by Shahin Fathi Djalali.

Favorite characters to portray?

A French revolutionary and cowgirls, because it’s easy to find fun action poses and create stories. 


Favorite teacher?

Chuck Pyle, because he represents an old school and academic way of teaching art, which I admire. Also, he was first to greet me when I walked through the door while applying. He was so welcoming and nice.  


What’s something that might surprise people about artist modeling?

We don’t have to be perfect or good looking. That doesn’t matter. What’s important is to be something real and interesting.


Best album to pose to?

I like soundtracks for character classes. They’re already telling a story with notes.  


If you could be drawn by any artist, living or dead, who would it be?

John Singer Sargent. I just saw one of his paintings of a girl in a blue dress at the DeYoung. Her eyes held so much expression!


What did you have for breakfast?

I need to go grocery shopping! I just grabbed a piece of shortbread…and coffee. Always coffee.  


If you joined the circus who would you be?

I’d love to be an old fashioned Victorian trick rider, with a big skirted costume. Very chic.


If you could live anywhere, where would you live?

Montmartre, a neighborhood in Paris.  


If you were an animal what would you be?

A dolphin.


Who would play you in your biography?

I don’t know…my daughter?


If not yourself, then who?

 A classical musician. I’m in awe of those people.


Final quote:

Just try!


Bohne shows her feminine side as the Good Fairy. Photo by Shahin Fathi Djalali.