Talking Passion

Steven “NugLife” Solis talks local showcases, creative influences and goals

I sat down with Steven “NugLife” Solis the evening of Saturday, Oct. 10 after an album release show for band War of Icaza at One Fam Café in West Oakland, Calif. NugLife and rappers Rocky G, Kaly Jay, Kwesi and more, have been popping up at many showcases in the area recently. I first met the DJ last summer when he started doing sets at Dolores Park, something I hadn’t seen before. I decided to catch up with him and ask him some questions.

So Steven, who would you say are your main influences?

Forward thinking people, creatives. People who wake up everyday and want to do something different. One person for a few months lately has been my homie Nite Owl. We’re doing totally different things, but I respect his drive. He makes me want to do more.

What is your ultimate goal?

Work with those I look up to. Just be beside them. Collaborate with like-minded beings.


Steven “NugLife” Solis. Photo by Mia Felder.

When did you realize what your passion was?

From the root. When my grandma gave me my first guitar. And when I found skateboarding. People started believing in my brand, NugLife, and it pushed me to believe in me more. I realized what my passion was when I realized I didn’t want the normal life.

How would you describe your work in three words?

How – I – Feel.

Name a quote that speaks to you?

“Logic will take you from A to B. Imagination will take you anywhere.”

Who is NugLife?

A creator of music and an advocate of healing how one sees fit. There are many contradictions in this world; I’m just trying to live outside of that. If people like my music and shows, I got mad respect for them. For whatever reason. It’s all love. The music comes first and foremost.