Street Style: New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week isn’t complete without some street style watching. Being that this was my first fashion week, I wasn’t sure what to expect or if there was a specific place to find the best looks, so I teamed up with my friend Sofala Ntweng-Knapton, who is a photographer from Southern California.

I should have known that the best street style would be right outside NYFW headquarters. Sofala and I headed over together and patiently waited for all of the bloggers, influencers, editors and buyers to fill the street outside Skylight at Moynihan.

Although it was overwhelming to keep track of who we shot and who we wanted to shoot, it was a lot of fun to see how people put together their outfits. It was inspiring to see how confident everyone looked. And even though it was 87 degrees and raining, women still dressed in heavy knits and leather jackets. Everyone looked just as excited and happy to see each other’s clothes as I was to be there and people watch.