Academy Printmakers at Their Best

print exchange 2015 1

A selection of prints from the 2015 Printmaking Exchange Portfolio. Photo by Dennis Peterson.

This year, the talented community of faculty and students in the School of Fine Art – Printmaking will be hosting its 12th Annual Printmaking Exchange Portfolio. For over a decade, this exchange has been a tradition for both students and faculty alike as they come together to collect and admire each other’s work.

The idea behind print exchange is simple. A group of like-minded printmakers decide on a standard size and theme for their portfolio. Based on the number of participants, each artist creates a set (or edition) of hand pulled prints. The edition quantity is always large enough so that each artist can collect one print from every other member of the exchange. Thus, each person goes home with an assortment of work from many talented artists.

As in years past, the hard work of designing and printing these editions for the Academy’s Printmaking Exchange Portfolio culminates in a celebratory potluck event. At this annual gathering, all participants can collect their set of works and create an archival clamshell box in which to store them.

The box has been designed by the fabulous Book Arts Coordinator Chris Rolik and is unique to this year's exchange. Also included will be a letterpress printed cover page with each artist's name and title of the work.

photo 3

A printmaker in the silkscreen studio. Photo by Dennis Peterson.

photo 2

Twelve years of Printmaking Exchange Portfolios. Photo by Meri Brin.

Interested in seeing the work that Academy printmakers are doing? The 2015 Printmaking Exchange Portfolio will be on display in the School of Fine Art this month. Visit the third floor at 60 Federal and check us out!