'Eggventure' Finds Success on the Festival Circuit

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Danielle Johnson’s final review. (L–R) Stewart Lew, Sherrie H. Sinclair, Danielle Johnson, Michael Vickner and Scotland Barnes. Courtesy of Danielle Johnson.

At the beginning of the semester, the “Fantastic Five Females in Traditional Animation” series was intended to feature five recent female graduate students who have completed their M.F.A. degrees in traditional animation. It seems that a sixth student has been sneakily applying to film festivals and has won a number of them.

Our sixth profile in this series features Danielle Johnson. Johnson’s short, Eggventure, was the winner for the 2-D Animation Short Film Full Color category at the 2015 Spring Show. Since the completion of her film, Eggventure has been selected in nine festivals.

Why an M.F.A. degree in 2-D/traditional animation and stop motion at the Academy?

I’ve always had a love for animation, and the Academy of Art University gave me an opportunity to learn and grow as an artist, even though I had no experience in the art field. 

Name three big influences during your time as a student at the Academy.

My teachers, my peers and working on collaborative projects. 

In less than three sentences, what is your film about?

A penguin and polar bear fight for their love over the same egg. 

While you were working on your thesis project, which personified emotion from Inside Out would you have been?

I have not seen the movie Inside Out yet, but I can tell you I am sure I was every single emotion when I was working on my thesis. 

What tools and programs did you use to make your film?

ToonBoom Harmony, hand drawn, Photoshop and After Effects.


Sherrie H. Sinclair and Danielle Johnson working on “Eggventure.” Courtesy of Danielle Johnson.

Why did you decide to start submitting your film into festivals? 

My director and peers encouraged me. 

After graduating from the Academy, what are you up to now?

I am currently freelancing. 

Would you encourage future graduate students to submit their work to festivals? If so, what would you suggest for them to do and NOT to do?

Yes, submit your work to festivals. It’s a great way to network and get people to see your work. You also get to see incredible work from other people. 

Which festival has been your favorite so far and why? 

I have not had the opportunity to attend many festivals as most of the festivals Eggventure has been selected to screen are far away. However, the 2015 Spring Show is my favorite because I was able to attend and be around people who like and do the same things I do, and I was able to see incredible work done by my friends and colleagues. 

If you could only watch one film on constant replay for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

List of festivals your film has been selected and screened at.

Academy of Art University Spring Show 2015- 2D Animation Short Film Full Color (Winner)

The Monthly Film Festival 2015 - Animation of the Month (Winner)

The Online Film Festival 2015 - Best Animation (Winner)

The World Animation Celebration 2015 (Official Selection)

Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards 2015 - Best Student Animation (Winner)

The Rhode Island Comic-Con Film Festival 2015 (Official Selection)

International Family Film Festival 2015 (Official Selection)

Digitalmation Awards 2015 (Official Selection)

Broken Knuckle Online Film Festival 2015 (Official Selection)


Opening shot of 'Eggventure.' Courtesy of Danielle Johnson.

To view Danielle Johnson’s work and learn more about Eggventure, please visit her website:!eggventure/cz2k