Link+ Now Available at Academy of Art University Library

The Academy of Art University Library is proud to announce that it has become a member of Link+. Link+ is a library material borrowing program, which takes place between participating libraries throughout California and Nevada. This program allows patrons to request and borrow library materials that are not present in their home library’s collection. 

Starting this month, Academy students, faculty and staff can access Link+ via the library website. Patrons can log into the Link+ catalog using their normal Academy credentials and now have access to over nine million items from the collections of contributing academic and public libraries. Requested library materials are delivered right to the Academy’s library where patrons are notified via email for pick up. 

The Academy of Art University Library has a specialized and well-curated physical and electronic collection that supports the diverse needs of the Academy art and design programs. In the spirit of scholarship and resource sharing, Link+ was established with the acknowledgement that research and information needs to sometimes go beyond what one library can provide. By giving access to a larger collection of library materials, the library continues its commitment to support the continuing research needs, scholarly and creative pursuits of the entire Academy community. 

For more information on Link+, please visit:

To access Link+ or to browse other current library resources, please visit the Academy of Art University Library homepage: