Tuesday Tunes x3 Coming Soon to UrbanKnightsRadio.Com

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Local band Panic Is Perfect performing during the Spring 2016 Tuesday Tunes x3 event. Photo courtesy of at Academy of Art University is bringing back their popular Tuesday Tunes x3 event this fall, and if the last spring's event is any indication, students will be treated to some great live music. 

Tuesday Tunes x3 will feature three artists in three days; Shelby Lanterman on Tuesday, September 13, Wrecked 880 on Wednesday, September 14, and last fall's Academy Idol winner Francisse Bondoc on Thursday, September 15. Live music will begin at 3 p.m. in the studio at 79 New Montgomery.

“More live music events is the goal for this semester,” said Matty Staudt, general manager of “We will be booking more bands to come in and do Tuesday Tunes, as well as a special Tuesday Tunes x3. [And] we will have new shows launching at the end of September.” 

Staudt started the radio station four years ago and is the “national leader in online radio” boasting more than 300,000 listeners a month tuning in. “All the shows are programmed and produced by the students in the program—24 hours a day, 365 days a year,” Staudt said. “The radio station has become a focal social point for students in the [School of Multimedia Communications] and is now expanding to other departments.”

The radio station isn’t just a great place to listen to new artists, but it’s also a great place to connect with other students on campus. It has created a bit of a social hub for friends to convene and celebrate a love for music. “Our students love it and are always surprised when they walk by and see a live artist performing in the station,” said Staudt. “We’ve also been able to take the format to our live events and have had some great concerts at least once a semester.”

In the past, has held a Skateboard Halloween Bash, a Pink Party for Breast Cancer Awareness, a Cinco De Mayo party, amongst other shows at the Arts Cafe. Tyrell Butler, program director, has always been in awe of how the Academy and the radio station have “opened their arms” to him. “I want to open up the station to students outside of the COM department,” Butler explained. “At the new student welcome BBQ, we [have] a lot of students in different departments who expressed an interest in working with us. I want to give them an opportunity to join the team and contribute their talents.”

Staudt is also seeing a growing interest in students from all over the Academy who want to get involved with the station, including help launch a new website for the station in the fall. “Radio is becoming a really cool part of our school,” said Staudt. “And I am really proud of what we have built in such a short time.”