For Art's Sake - No. 1: What Do You Mean That You're Not Talented in Art?


Photo by Bob Toy.

You were born with the ability to create art. People that continue to learn and develop their natural talent in creating art in their adult lives are known as artists. Those who stop creating art when they are a child will lose their natural gift. Being talented in art is our birthright—it’s in our DNA.

At age two, when you’re scribbling, you’re creating abstract art.

At age three and four, you might like to draw people with a circle for the head and dots that represent eyes, a nose and mouth. You draw people with a big head and stick figures. You understand that people have two eyes, one nose, one mouth; have one body with two arms and two feet. Do you know that you taught yourself symmetry? A short time later, you use a circle to represent the sun and add lines extending out of the circle, which becomes a sunburst. Then you discover drawing squares and rectangles.

At age five, you experiment with the basic shapes you know by drawing a square house with square windows and two squares seated on top of each other to make a rectangle for a door. You draw a car by combining a rectangle with circles for the wheels. You draw the side view of the car with two wheels.


At age six, your drawings begin to tell stories with more than one object. The first story you draw was about you family in the foreground with your pet, a house with a chimney and a car in front of the house. It was a lovely drawing that displays your  love for your family.

At age six or seven, you don’t just draw people standing up straight from a front viewpoint. Inspired by cartoons, you began drawing people and figures in motion and other viewpoints. You like to use lots of lines. I can see the expressions in your drawings, whether one’s happy, sad or angry. Your drawing became your symbols of expression in your storytelling. Your drawing begins to improve a great deal. You’re now able to really express your inner-thoughts with your drawing. I saw all of your wonderful drawings.

At age eight or nine, you begin to draw less and less. I miss seeing your drawings. I miss seeing your storytelling. Yes, you were born with a talent and were capable of becoming a great artist. What happened? Were you able to hang onto your talent or did you lose it?

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