For Art's Sake - No. 8: Let's Get Inspired!

For Art's Sake No. 8: Let's Get Inspired!

The Academy of Art University annual Spring Show showcases cutting-edge student work, offering a unique opportunity to learn about the latest technology. Photo by Bob Toy.

In the age of technology and Internet devices, there is a continued need for artists and designers to create advertisements for businesses as well as portfolios, featuring brands and products for entertainment, ranging from gaming to film. 

As you master different levels of your art here at Academy of Art University, you’ll continue to work with your instructors and collaborate with other students on group works. You will master both presentation and communication skills that will strengthen your critical reasoning and problem-solving.

It is very important for you to continue to find inspiration in art around you. You must keep up-to-date on everything—lifestyle, politics and social change, music and fashion—and understand different parts of culture and how all of these variables affect the lives around us. Do not take life for granted. Take in all you’ve learned, including what you like and dislike about your surrounding environment. Use your creative skills and apply them to your surroundings the best that you can. 

Work on solving the obstacles that get in the way of your creative process. It is very important that you don’t stop creating when obstacles prove hard to overcome. There are always problems in life, however there are always solutions. A solution for your problems will appear sooner or later. Know that that solution is always there. Never give up. Your knowledge and career is only limited by your own imagination. Always find ways to get inspired. Inspiration is the fuel to your creativity. 

A great place to find inspiration is at the Academy’s annual Spring Show. Find inspiration in your fellow students’ work. Opening night is a great opportunity to connect with your peers.

For Art's Sake No. 8: Let's Get Inspired

Spring Show guests discuss student work on display at 2225 Jerrold. Photo by Bob Toy.

For Art's Sake No. 8: Let's Get Inspired!

Industry professionals, family and friends flock to Spring Show to see student work. Photo by Bob Toy.

For Art's Sake No. 8: Let's Get Inspired!

Visiting the Academy's annual Spring Show is a great way to find inspiration in fellow students' work. Photo by Bob Toy.

Education doesn’t stop just because you get out of school. The smart artist is the one that is voraciously curious until they die,” said School of Illustration Director Chuck Pyle.

“You need to look far past the narrow limitations of your own career, so that you can be influenced and be an influencer. You create distinctive imagery not by copying the person that’s in front of you, but looking at all the other influences that are outside them and figure out how they did that and then make them your own. If you make them your own, then you become more distinctly individual and being aware of what’s going on in other marketplaces also paves paths towards other opportunities. 

“So you continue to take classes after you get out of school, you take and go to seminars, you stay as current on all the styles that you possibly can and you look in lots of different areas for influences from galleries to museums to online publications to weekend seminars to take a few online classes a few years out to freshen up on your skillset. Come back and take another class. It’s very rare that you walk out of art school and, with a toolkit so complete, and a skillset so flawlessly polished, that you’ll have 40 years into the future and never have to think about self-reinvention again.”

This age of technology continues to progress at a fast rate. There are lots of potential careers in the art field that have yet to be discovered and defined. It’s best for you to keep in tune with the pace of technology in order to have a long and successful career. Continue to educate yourself in the various disciplines in the world of art. Don’t be afraid to open new doors and reinvent yourself. There’s nothing wrong with being “Renaissance man” or “Renaissance woman.” 

Good luck to you and it’s been nice talking with you. Have a wonderful semester break.