Meet the School of Fashion Interns: Nhu Dao


(Right) Fashion styling major and public relations intern Nhu Dao styles a model for a shoot. Photo courtesy of Nhu Dao.

Meet Nhu Dao, a fashion styling major and an intern with the public relations office.

What brought you to the Academy?

Seven years ago, I moved with my family from Vietnam to San Jose. I just assumed my parents wouldn’t approve of me studying the arts, so I was majoring in psy- chology. en I chose styling, because you can be creative with clothes, make something new out [of] something exist- ing. My family wholehearted- ly supported my decision. e transition wasn’t di cult. I think I was too well dressed to study anything else!

What brought you to this internship?

I learned about it from Elena Eberhard, who is the public relations and special events manager. I quickly realized this is something I’d want to do in the future. Networking is key. is internship is a great way to get self-organized and make connections. My task is to keep track of everything that happens in relation to the School of Fashion. I collect articles and work with the press section of the website. It’s primarily documenting, maintaining contacts of our alumni and compiling reports on InDesign. 


(Right) Fashion styling major and public relations intern Nhu Dao styles a model for a shoot. Photo courtesy of Nhu Dao.

How does a fashion styling student dress for a PR internship?

If I could wear one thing every day, it would be culottes! I usually wear over-sized clothes, and I can never step out my house without plenty of rings on my fingers. There’s something delicate and feminine about rings that attracts me.

Describe your dream team scenario for an editorial shoot...

Grace Coddington, Tim Walker, Steven Meisel. One of my favorite brands is Maison Margiela. Considering that the great John Galliano is its current creative director, it stands out. Brands like that aren’t really for everyone, which is interesting to me. I also think Jacquemus’ aesthetic is fresh and exciting. He’s brave to try something new.

Anyone you wish you could’ve dressed?

Oh, that’s a tough one! O the top of my head, Jane Birkin or Audrey Hepburn. 

Where do you see yourself after graduation?

Working on editorials for any magazine in New York, London or Paris is the ulti- mate dream. I love the voice of Vogue and i-D magazines. To be able to work in their styling departments would be surreal.

Any advice for fellow aspiring stylists?

D.I.Y. is the smart way to style. Whenever you can, just D.I.Y. 

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