Meet the Academic Steering Committee

Statement of Purpose

 The Academic Steering Committee will identify what is needed to ensure that the Academy constantly remains at the forefront in preparing students to develop portfolios that are relevant to meet the needs of the global marketplace: 

  1. Contribute ideas for Academy-wide curriculum initiatives and improvements.
  2. Identify innovative curricular and cross-departmental opportunities.
  3. Engage in future thinking on the curriculum. (i.e. Where are we going to be in the next five years?)
  4. Serve as a think tank on the intersection of art and technology and identify emerging technologies and trends to enable the Academy to stay ahead of the curve.

The Academic Steering Committee will hear issues dealing with department and curriculum concerns as well as brilliant new ideas for the University. Feel free to contact any member listed below or e-mail us at:


Bill Maughan, Chair - Graduate Director, Illustration -

Jan Yanehiro, Vice Chair - Director, Communications & Media Technologies -

Joan Bergholt, Secretary - Vice President, Institutional Effectiveness and Director of Program Review -

Alana Addison, Vice President - Evaluation and Coaching -

Ryan Baldwin, Director - Photography -

Antonio Borja, Associate Director - Industrial Design -

Eileen Everett, Academic Vice President - Liberal Arts -

David Goodwine, Executive Director - Game Development -

Ryan Medeiros, Director - Web Design & New Media -

Craig Nelson, Executive Director - Fine Art -

Andrea Pimentel, Director - Advertising -

Sue Rowley, Chief Academic Officer -

Gordon Silveria, Director - Art Technology -

Melissa Sydeman, Academic Vice President - Entertainment and Broadcast Media -

Thomas Durham, Director of Sculpture - Fine Art -

Nicolas Villarreal, Director - Visual Development -

Departments Represented by ASC Members

Joan Bergholt, Fashion

Antonio Borja, Architecture, Interior Architecture & Design, Landscape Architecture

Eileen Everett, Art History, English for Art Purposes, Liberal Arts, Art Education and Online Education

Craig Nelson, Jewelry & Metal Arts

Andrea Pimentel, Graphic Design

Gordon Silveria, Animation

Melissa Sydeman, Acting, Music, Motion Pictures & Television, Writing for Film, Television & Digital Media

Alana Addison, Foundations