Meet Your Campus Hosts: Donald Shields

Originally from Memphis, Tennessee, Campus Host Donald Shields has been working at Academy of Art University for seven years. “As a Campus Host, my job is to ensure that all people and properties are safe,” said Shields. “I’m extra vigilant and observe everyone that enters and exits the premises. As a front line host, we are also problem solvers and always troubleshoot any issues that arise.”


Academy of Art University Campus Host Donald Shields. Photo by Bob Toy.

Shields, who has been married for 39 years and has three children (which includes a set of twins!) and three grandchildren, shared that he enjoys the feeling of a family environment at the Academy, especially the interactions he has with the students and staff. 

In addition to working at the Academy, Shields is a full-time pastor. He previously worked at Bank of America for 27 years as a manager and IT specialist. In his spare time, he enjoys playing cards and watching old movies. 

For Shields, the biggest challenge of being a Campus Host is “being strict when necessary,” however the best part of the job for him “is seeing the diversity of personalities and cultures that work and go to the Academy of Art” and “how art brings people together as a family.”