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    Celebrating Student Excellence in Design


    The site of Ridge Lane Park. Graduate student Nahal Sohbati won ASLA’s 2017 Excellence in Student Community Service for her work on the Ingleside street park. Photo courtesy of Nahal Sohbati.

    In its seven years of existence, the School of Landscape Architecture at Academy of Art University has had a slew of successful prominent wins in the last few years. 

    In 2015, a group of students swept the San Francisco Flower & Garden Show for the design and installation of their Sublimation garden.

    Last year, graduate student Eric Arneson—who was involved with the Sublimation project—took home a Student Honor Award from the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) for his Bendway Park design, which aimed to restore the riverfront into a multi-use park in the Sonoma county river town of Healdsburg. 

    This year, the School of Landscape Architecture celebrates Nahal Sohbati, a graduate student who is taking home ASLA’s 2017 Award of Excellence in Student Community Service for her work on Ridge Lane Park, a sustainable, community-collaborative street park in the Ingleside area of San Francisco. To no surprise, Sohbati was a Sublimation designer as well.

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    Brett Amory Debuts New Art in Bi-Coastal Exhibitions

    Earlier this month, artist and Academy of Art University graduate Brett Amory unveiled two new collections in simultaneous exhibitions on the West and East Coasts. It’s Wonderful Your Demons Came Today kicked off with a reception at Jonathan Levine Gallery in Jersey City, New Jersey, on Sept. 8 and will be on display through Oct. 7. His second exhibition, This Too Shall Pass, opened at San Francisco gallery The Luggage Store on Sept. 15 and will run until Oct. 21.

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    From the Field to the Stage

    Alumnus Frank Cole’s passion for connecting people has led him from soccer to an acting career


    Academy of Art University Schools of Communications & Media Technologies and Acting alumnus Frank Cole. Photo by Bob Toy.

    Frank Cole’s mother always told him he was born kicking. The School of Communications & Media Technologies and School of Acting alumnus from Academy of Art University said he and his siblings grew up performing in talent shows and musicals, but he always believed soccer was going to be his center stage.

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    Directors Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris, Actress Andrea Riseborough Discuss 'Battle of the Sexes'


    (From L-R): Natalie Morales, Directors Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris, Kaitlyn Christian, Fidan Manashirova and Mickey Summer on the set of BATTLE OF THE SEXES. Photo by Melinda Sue Gordon. © 2017 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

    In 1973, Billie Jean King, a 29-year-old American former World No. 1 professional women’s tennis champion, had the world betting against her in an exhibition match against Bobby Riggs, another former World No. 1 tennis champion. Yet, Riggs was 55-years-old and past his prime. He also was a self-proclaimed male chauvinist, touting beliefs that “women belong in the kitchen and the bedroom” and not on the tennis court.

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    Kate and Laura Mulleavy Discuss "Natural Evolution" From Fashion to Film


    Kirsten Dunst in Woodshock. Photo courtesy of A24.

    Famed fashion designers Kate and Laura Mulleavy don’t believe in confining their creative voice to one medium. Trading in the mannequins in which they lay out their Rodarte designs, the Mulleavy sisters have turned to film to channel their “creative instinct,” manifesting in their debut film, Woodshock, starring Kirsten Dunst.

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