Film Review: 'Rampage'

If you like science gone wrong, unrealistic monsters, and huge amounts of action—well, Rampage is just the movie for you.

In theaters today, the classic arcade game turned movie stars Dwayne Johnson (Jumanji) as Davis Okoye. The story focuses on Davis and an albino silverback gorilla named “George,” who he rescued at a young age, as they look to overcome a rogue genetic mutation that causes George to grow to an enormous size.


Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures.

Okoye teams up with a geneticist to acquire the antidote and stop these genetically modified creatures from destroying the city. Although the plot is somewhat predictable, it gives you everything you could want in an action-adventure movie: Cheesy one-liners. Check. A hero cheating death to save humanity. Check. Giant genetically modified monsters. Check.

Those are the reasons why you’ll go to the theater, but the reason you’ll keep watching is simple: Rampage tugs at the heartstrings just enough to make you tear up a little bit. The bond between Davis and George is the strongest you may ever see onscreen. Its mixed with the essence of brotherhood and humor. The two have created their own banter that, while it is so incredibly dumb, it’s endearing, because it’s so genuine. The connection is undeniably pure that it makes you want to fight for them and, with them, through the entirety of the film.

There’s a point in the film when Davis believes that he has finally lost George to the genetically rogue experiment; the look he has in his eyes is one that can only be compared to the experience truly losing a loved one. It’s in that moment where film hooks you; the moment when you’ll want nothing more than to see this duo succeed and come out on top.

Yes, this may be an action film with all the trimmings of thrill, familiar faces and a familiar storyline. The story of two friends may seem secondary to the entertaining theatrics that run rampant through the entire film. It’s not though—it’s what matters.

Rampage will have you sitting in your seat with the rest of the audience saying, “Aww,” and gasping when you see the sacrifice one of the friends makes for the other.

If you want to see a film that gives you action, adventure and an epic bromance that will make you believe in the humanity again, go see Brad Peyton’s Rampage. You won’t enjoy yourself, but you might actually start believing in something again, if only for one night.


Rampage is now playing in theaters nationwide.