Krishnapriya Dutta Gupta Featured on Adobe Creative Cloud's 'Live Graphic Design' Series

On March 20-22, Adobe Creative Cloud featured Academy of Art University School of Graphic Design (GR) M.F.A. student Krishnapriya (KP) Dutta Gupta on their Behance and YouTube streamed series, Live Graphic Design. Senior Content Creator for Adobe Paul Trani hosts the series, which brings designers and artists into the Adobe studio to create new work and tinker on past projects across three two-hour episodes.

Hailing from India, Dutta Gupta began her M.F.A. program at the Academy here in San Francisco back in 2014, although she was already a design veteran long before that. Now, she is a heavy hitter in the design world with a total of eight years of experience under her belt.

Over the course of her episodes, she discussed and dissected her GR M.F.A. thesis project, a fictional brand for children’s toys named Playfully that she designed with her own stake in the game as a parent herself. During the stream, she discussed the design choices she made to build and cultivate the brand and her philosophy on design in general. As part of the program, she also had to recreate and rebuild an old identity system to design a set of six new posters on the air for the Playfully brand using the Adobe Creative cloud tools.

To start the series off, Dutta Gupta talked through choices in photography, typography, logo design and illustration that helped build the Playfully brand identity, before diving directly into the poster design.

Throughout the broadcast, viewers were able to comment and ask questions on the process and design in real time. At the end of the second day, viewers submitted portfolios via the Adobe Creative Cloud Behance portal which both Dutta Gupta and Trani reviewed before signing off at the end of Dutta Gupta’s fun-filled and informative three-episode run of Live Graphic Design.